November 30, 2022

Win32 Tidserv Trj Simple Solution

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    Over the past week, some of our users have reported encountering the win32 tidserv trj.

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    VMware Horizon 7 Generates “An Error Occurred While Trying To Connect To Experience Composer” When Adding View Composer:


    The VMware Horizon 7 administrator is showing the error message “An error occurred while trying to connect additionally to View Composer”, not to mention trying to set up View Composer.


    The user account used to add Vcenter Server to View Administrator does not have sufficient privileges in View Composer. This most commonly occurs whenever vCenter is integrated with View Administrator using vCenter Admin single sign-on, for example: [email protected]

    1. When Composer is installed along with Vcenter, it is always best to install Composer with an AD ID that has administrative rights on the local Vcenter server and the Vcenter service.

    2. Add Vcenter to View Administrator by specifying the AD ID used to install Composer and gain administrative rights in Vcenter.

    1. Go to the Server On tab > vCenter Server. Right-click Vcenter, then select Edit

    2. Click Change.
    Specify the new credentials used to install Composer. Make sure this ID has admin rights in vCenter.
    click OK.

    3. Vcenter is now added using the matched AD-ID in Composer and Vcenter.

    4. Now change your dialer settings. The composer you need to be will be added successfully.

    You have completed the deployment of a new set of VMware Horizon View 6.2.1 servers in your environment and have begun configuring some View Composer options:


    View is connected to vCenter, so you select View Composer installed with vCenter Server:

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  • However, each user will receive the following error message after applying the configuration settings:

    There was a connection problem between Connection Server, View Composer and vCenter Server. Make sure all services are running and the vents and URLs are correct.

    Further attempts to continue configuration without calling View Composer, and then return to the vCenter properties to completefine-tuning it will return the above error:

    This error has been bugging me for hours now as I was never reported this issue and the real knowledge bases I was able to find to help solve this error were as follows:

    When adding the View Composer for the View Connection Server, the following error occurs: Failed to add each administrator. Check your entries again (1035626) .do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1035626

    … indicates connectivity issues, telnet, but tests connect to the View Composer port. Closer inspection with debug logs shows cryptic LDAP errors:

    2016-01-19T21:16:40.737-04:00 ERROR (0644-152C)

    [MessageBusSslConfigManager] Error reading general SPNEGO GSS
    2016-01- 19T21:16: 40 config:.737-04:00 WARN (0644-0A8C) [LdapContextManager] Cannot create new specific LdapContext for server ldap:// /DC= vdi,DC= vmware,DC=int: javax.naming.GSS-SPNEGO authenticationexception: [root exception – Authentication failed: initiate com.vmware.vdi.common.winauth.WinAuthCodifiedException: Failed to initiate authentication setup negotiation: unknown error [call com.vmware.vdi.common.winauth.WinAuthCodifiedException: Error starting validation negotiation: unknown error]]

    do not do it

    After making some progress and waiting for a response from a VMware engineer, I decided to ask the client to move a server that might be using a different VLAN, which immediately resolved the issue. There was no client. Personally, I can’t tell what the difference is between VLANs, but I think there must always have been a difference in software, routing, or security rules.

    Sometimes I hesitate to report my mistakes, especially if they are stupid mistakes. However, it’s about helping others, so here I go!

    win32 tidserv trj

    Last week I spent some time creating a VMware View environment. We are aiming to reach a point where we are likely to start deploying Teradici-based airport terminals in a proper way to provide PCoIP-based digital workstations to users. As everyone who uses View already knows, there are many steps to take before your environment is ready for prime time use. One of them is the inclusion of a musician View From in the VMware View administrative console.

    For those of you who are completely new to View Composer, here is one paragraph from VMware that simply summarizes the purpose of this tool:

    VMware View Composer uses linked clone technology to reduce storage requirements by up to 70% and streamline home PC image management by allowing you to quickly create and update desktop sequences that share a virtual disk using a master image. With View Composer, IT organizations can manage hundreds of thousands of desktops in a unified way. All desktops associated with the exact master image can be patched or potentially updated using the View Manager by simply changing the master image without violating user settings, data, or applications. In View 4.5, View Composer can now include support for tiered storage, making it easier for storage administrators to use different types of tiered storage based on the same group of users. View Composer and Tiered Storagecould potentially provide further reductions in warehouse costs for VMware View Virtual Monitor deployments.

    We plan to use Composer a as part of a personal introduction.

    win32 tidserv trj

    I enabled View Connection Server and started it without problems. On the linked server, I definitely had problems specifying the name, and thus the credentials, of my vCenter server. However, when I try to activate the View Composer, I get an error trying to sell “Error trying to connect to View Composer” with no further description. I looked through the logs but could barely figure out what I did wrong. I even went so far as to uninstall and reinstall a certain Composer tool on the vCenter machine to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

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