November 30, 2022

How Do You Deal With VMware View Composer Error When Trying To Connect

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    This user guide will help you if you get a vmware View Composer error while trying to connect.

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    VMware Horizon 7 Throws “An Error Occurred While Trying To Merge To Display Composer” When Adding View Composer:


    VMware Horizon 7 admin is throwing a dreadful error “An error occurred while trying to connect to Perception Composer” when trying to set up View Composer.


    The credit user account used to add the Vcenter Server that affects the Administrative View does not have sufficient privileges directly in View Composer. This typically happens whenever vCenter integrates with View Administrator using vCenter Admin, such as sso:[email protected]

    1. When installing Composer with Vcenter, it is always best to install Composer with an AD ID that has supervisor rights on the local Vcenter server and therefore on the Vcenter service.

    2. Add Vcenter View Always on Administrator using the AD ID that is likely used to install Composer and should have administrative privileges on Vcenter.

    1. Go to the Servers tab > vCenter Server. Right click Vcenter then inSelect “Edit”

    2. Click Change.
    Specify the new credentials that Composer installed. Verify that this identity admin permission is present in vCenter.
    click OK.

    3. Now Vcenter has been added using AD ID and also has permission for And Composer Vcenter.

    4. Now try changing the musician settings. Composer added successfully.

    Do you have completed the deployment of a brand new set of VMware Horizon View 6.2.1 servers in the environment and was born with customized View Composer options:

    vmware view composer error while attempting connection

    View Composer is connected to your vCenter, so select the View Composer option installed with vCenter Server:

    However, when confirming training parameters, you get a focus error:

    There is a working relationship issue between the server, the View Composer connection, and the vCenter Server. Virtually check if services are running and if ports and URLs are entered correctly.

    Further attempts to continue without configuring View the Composer and then returning to the vCenter properties for itsettings result in the following error:

    This bug kept me going for hours as I had never experienced this problem before and so the only knowledge base I could look into to help solve this great bug was the following:

    When adding View Ones Composer to a Connection web server view, the following error occurs: Error adding administrator. Please check your content again (1035626)

    … which indicate a connection error, but telnet to check the connection to the View Composer port. Next, check existing debug logs for cryptic errors:


    2016-01-19T21:16:40.737-04:00 ERROR (0644-152C)

    [MessageBusSslConfigManager] General read system error: GSS-SPNEGO
    2016-01-19T21 : 16:40.737-04:00 WARN (0644-0A8C) [LdapContextManager] Cannot create new LdapContext server because ldap://,DC = vmware , DC=int: javax.naming.GSS-SPNEGO authenticationexception: [Root Exception, probably saslexception: At initial authentication: com.vmware.vdi.common.winauth.WinAuthCodifiedException: Failed to start authenticationAuthentication handshake: unknown error [reason com by.vmware.vdi.common.winauth.WinAuthCodifiedException: Failed to actually start authentication handshake: unknown error]]

    With no results, and after waiting for a call from a VMware engineer, I figured you should ask the client to switch to a shared server on a different VLAN, and the issue was resolved immediately. I couldn’t tell the client what the difference was in the VLAN connection, but I came to the conclusion that there must have been a difference in the firewall, routing, or security rules.

    vmware view composer error while attempting connection

    Sometimes I hesitate to tell the world about my differences, especially if they are stupid. However, the purpose of this amazing thing is to help others, here I am!

    I spent some time last weekend developing in our VMware View environment. We are getting closer to the point where we can begin installing Teradici-based endpoints in the proper way to provide users with PCoIP-based virtual desktops. Because every link you use already knows, there are a few steps you need to take before you start.Our environment will be prime time ready. One of these steps is to enable View Composer in the VMware View administration console.

    For those of you not familiar with View Composer, here is a paragraph from That VMware that summarizes the main purpose of this tool:

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  • VMware View Composer uses linked clone technology to reduce shared storage requirements by up to 70% and simplify desktop image management. This allows you to quickly create and update desktop images that share a primary hard drive. With View Composer, IT organizations can control 100 to 1000 desktops with a single image. All desktops attached to the master image can be patched or updated using the View Manager by simply updating the master image without affecting user settings, data, or possibly applications. In View 4.5, View Composer now includes support for public tiered storage, making it easier for storage locations to use different types of tiered storage for the same pool from all users.vatels. View Composer and storage tiering can provide additional storage cost savings for VMware View virtual desktop deployments.

    Of course, we’ll be using Composer as part of our introduction.

    I installed View Connection Server and it worked without problems. On the linked server, I had no problem specifying the name and credentials of some of the vCenter servers. However, when I try to activate the View Composer, I get the error “An error occurred while trying to connect to the View Composer” with no further details. I searched for records, but I could not figure out what I had been doing wrong all my life, I did not miss anything.

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