October 6, 2022

Edge Scan Error 220 Easy Fix

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  • 1. Open the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Click on "Start scan"
  • 3. Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process
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    This user guide has been written to help you when you receive a 220 scan error.

    I have bought no more than one Canon ScanFront 220 desktop scanner.

    I set up a network interface that allows you to have a static IP address on someone’s network, as well as the correct gateway set.s, DNS servers, etc.

    I’m surprisingly confident that the scanner’s shared folder address selection entry has always been set up correctly. The domain account associated with the account has full access to the network share, so the password entered for this account is set correctly.

    When I try to scan a document into a chat folder, I get the following error:
    “Unable to send files. Error fifty-three: The network path was not purchased. Filename: xxxxxxxxx”
    Also in our error message, the filename and folder of the track are in the correct format.

    I updated the shield to the latest software from the Canon website.

    How do I initialize the scanfront 400?

    Turn on the ScanFront 400 and if the “ScanFront” logo is displayed, insert a working tool with a long hard edge into the area marked with a red circle below and hold for 5 seconds to initialize the scanner. Note: You can’t feel the switch, but you’d rather feel the click when pressed).

    Please enter your imagePROGRAF Product ID in the box below to select your product, then click the [Error Codes] tab on this product page to check for error codes or messages that customers have encountered.

    Please enter your product name imageRUNNER imageRUNNER ADVANCE in the field below to select processing, then click [Error Codes] on the product search page to find the programming error or message you are experiencingclicked.

    I recently purchased a Canon ScanFront 220p scanner to support my ambition to quickly scan the large volume of documents that I have carefully increased over the past few years. While my scanner, which I bought for $42 from eBay Listings, was technically in excellent condition, I know it had only one “minor” software issue: “will.” won’t start.


    Whenever I tried to set the boot scanner time, I got a Disk Boot Failure error. This error usually occurs on computers with a missing or damaged separate hard drive. This scanner, on the other hand, has an additional 128MB chip soldered to the motherboard, which ultimately leads me to conclude that Windows CE must be corrupted.

    My original idea was to try and reset the scanner by briefly pressing the reset button on the side of the scanner. While this took me to the vendor menu (recovery tool), there was only one way to reset anything. I guess,that this option is only for Canon technicians who have a well-designed and configured USB drive.

    🎯’s Solution

    How do I find the IP address assigned to the scanfront?

    The IP address assigned by ScanFront can be obtained at this point by pressing the “Administrator Settings” button on the main menu touch screen. You need to enter someone’s administrator password, if they have one, and then click the network settings button.

    So I spent some time googling and finally found this post from the wonderful Jeff Breach. In his post, he explained how to reset the administrator password on the Canon ScanFront 220p. Although we differ from the main Canon ScanFront 220p factory reset method, it works equally well for both problems.

    🠧 Create And Boot From The Perfect Bootable USB

    The Canon ScanFront 220p is essentially a complete PC with a reasonable Phoenix AwardBIOS, some I/O ports (USB, PS/2, ports), 10/100, and an AMD 500MHz processor. To boot Linux there, I knew I went for something small. Since a Linux system is only used to copy/move two files, bloat doesn’t make sense anyway. So I chose Damn Small Linux kernel, often referred to as Linux dsl.

    1. Download the latest version from the Damn Small Linux website.
    2. Back up the ISO file with UNetbootin.
    3. In addition to the newly created USBconnect a keyboard to the drive.
    4. Change how you enter the BIOS by pressing the DELETE key when protection starts
    5. Change the boot order by entering the Advanced Features section of the BIOS, selecting USB-HDD as the incredible first boot device
    6. Save changes and exit BIOS
    7. Restart

    After rebooting, you want to see the DSL sneaker menu.

    Note. I must admit that in this situation it took me several times to start the scanner from a USB drive. Efficiently inserting a 4GB SanDisk USB 2.0 into the bottom USB port did the trick for me. If this method doesn’t work the first time, it’s better to try another stick/order.

    ðŸ Perform A Factory Reset

    After exiting the DSL boot menu, be sure to press the key quickly to protect the boot menu from timing out. DSL comes with several different boot modes, but the only one that worked for me was probably dsl 2.

    scanfront 220 error

    The download process itself was quite slow (due to hardware limitations) and it took me several tries. Po After the invitation completely expired, I was able to do the actual factory reset.

    scanfront 220 error

    I mainly had to use the hda1 section, which is the scanner’s hard drive.

    How do I use the scanfront 220/220p?

    ScanFront 220/220P is a convenient network scanner that allows you to work without connecting to a computer. You can transfer new image data scanned with the ScanFront 220/220P to a shared folder on a designated server PC or client PC for the network or FTP server, or simply send it to a remote location by e-mail.

    Once the mounted partition was indeed in DSL, I was able to browse my Documents and Settings folder in Windows CE to find the magic file called system.hv located. This hive file is essentially the Windows CE registry.

    PC problems? Solve them in minutes.

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  • 1. Open the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Click on "Start scan"
  • 3. Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • The peculiarity of the system.hv file is that it is recreated if it is missing. This will eventually reset the settings. To start this process, we can simply rename the existing Hive file.

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