November 29, 2022

FIX: Openlink RPC Remote System Error

If you’re seeing an Openlink RPC remote system error, this blog post might help.

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    General Cases

    A generic layered client (be it an ODBC driver, a JDBC driver, or an ADO.NET provider) is waiting to find a working request broker. Specifically, it invokes a broker on the machine and specifies mov in the Host field of your client DSN (for example, If a running broker is not available, “Remote system” and “Program not available” error messages are displayed. To troubleshoot the most common causes of these errors, follow these steps.

    1. This ensures that the OpenLink request broker and database agents are installed somewhere on the network. Typically, these components must be installed on the database server. However, sometimes they are installed on potential “gateways” or third-level hosts. When in doubt, use Windows Explorer and the Unix search command to find the oplrqb executable.
    2. Check your client’s DSN.
    3. Ensure that if the host field is passing an IP address or a fully qualified DNS resolvable host name (for example,, stuff that OpenLink Request Brokers.
    4. Ensure that the broker’s listening port (located in the [TCP Protocol] section of the broker’s rulebook, oplrqb.ini) is also included in the specified DSN. , either as a standalone location (for example, = Port 5000) or based on a server field (for example, Host means All of the following examples are equivalent —

      [Multilevel DSN 1 OpenLink]Driver means /home/openlink/lib/oplodbc.soDescription = Sample DSNopenlink host =[Multilevel DSN 2 OpenLink]Driver /home/openlink/lib/oplodbc=.soDescription = Example OpenLink DSNHost means[Multilevel DSN OpenLink 3]Driver=/home/openlink/lib/oplodbc.soDescription = Example OpenLink DSNHost is

    5. If you’re specifying a broker hold by hostname, substitute the machine’s IP address and recheck; The success of this override now indicates problems with the DNS configuration and/or the website visitor’s host server. You can also check the DNS requirements by pinging the broker host by name and address (Ctrl-C to exit)from the ping utility) —


    6. Make sure Query Broker is also running. Unix users usually start the main broker with the commands —

      . /path/to/openlink.shoplrqb
      Individual Windows consumers typically initiate the OpenLink Request Broker service through the Services panel.

    7. If the broker is running, determine if there are any firewalls between the application and the computer running the broker. If firewalls are installed, follow these steps:

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