September 26, 2022

Easy Office Database Error Fixing Solution


Sometimes your computer generates an error code indicating an Office database error. This problem can have several causes.

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    When you open your directory in Access, you get the following error message:

    The ‘Connect’ method of target ‘_CurrentProject’ failed.

    This error occurs when calling VBA Application.CurrentProject.Connection or Application.CurrentDB.Connection.


    office database error

    Access Database Engine/Access Connectivity (ACE) is included with a number of products other than flavors of Microsoft Access, such as Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project. The DLL path in each of our registries may not point to the corresponding ACE version.


    You should be able to fix this problem simply by repairing your Office or even Access installation.

    You can also change your registry key to match the changing DLL target of your version of Access.

    MSI Settings

    (OS: 64-bit and Office: 64-bit) or (OS: 32-bit and Office: install

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  • 1. Open the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Click on "Start scan"
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  • ( C: 32-bit)

    Click-2-Run (64-bit and Office: 64-bit) or maybe one (OS: 32-bit and Office: 32-bit)

  • About 2 minutes to read
  • Applies to:
    Access 2016, Access 2013, Access 2010, Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Office 365 ProPlus will be renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. More information about this change can be found in the specific blog entry.

    Access 2007 – OFFICE12, Access 2010 – OFFICE14, Access 2013 – OFFICE15 and Access 2016 – OFFICE16.

    While an error is displayed on the screen when trying to connect to a Microsoft Access database, this error occurs not once, but in several cycles. Users facing this dilemma may go through the same thing without knowing why or what methods caused it, as shown below:


  • Incorrect database password entered
  • Data transfer between native and non-Microsoft applications
  • Check Office Application Architecture
  • How to download the Microsoft RedistributableAccess Database Engine 2016
  • Microsoft Access ODBC Driver Error HY024
  • Incorrect ODBC database file path error
  • When Access database files are corrupted
  • Package
  • It is necessary to investigate the root of the problem and find the root cause in order to resolve the database connection version, but this is not an easy task, and many users who have exactly the same are left confused.

    How do I fix Microsoft Access Unrecognized database format error?

    Run access > go it will be the database tools.Select the Compact and Repair Database option.A new window will appear. Select the database file that the client wants to restore (the file associated with this error code).Click the “Compact” button to start the recovery process.

    “Unable to connect to database access errors” can appear for several reasons. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons why users have the same faces and how to fix each “Unable to connect to the Access database” error.

    Incorrect database password entered

    office database error

    Whenever an “Unable to connect to the access database” error occurs, there’s not a very good chance that the cause is just a tricky one; Sometimes users make simple mistakes, such as entering the wrong password, and such complaints sometimes greet the user with the same error message. To resolve the issue in this case, retry theEnter the appropriate Access database password and make sure you enter the correct password.

    Migrating data to applications other than Microsoft Office

    In order to be able to transfer data between Microsoft Office files and non-Microsoft Office applications, users must install a special utility along the way, which is clearly a database access mechanism that installs the set of allowed components for the allowed data type. submitted.
    In the absence of an associated Access database engine, the system contains the same error as above. Therefore, if you are trying to pass information to and from Microsoft Office applications, it is recommended that you install the appropriate version of the Access database engine.

    Check Office Application Architecture

    Before you start loading the Access database engine, it’s important to evaluate the architecture of your Office application, whether it’s 32-bit or 64-bit.

    The incompatibility between the overall architecture of the Office application and the database access mechanism can undoubtedly lead to the fact that the user will encounterwith error Unable to connect to database Access.

    Perform the following frequently to check your application’s desktop architecture:

    1. Open Microsoft Access 2016 or another version.
    2. Click File > Account.
    3. Click “About access”.
    4. Better on the right, because look at the architecture of the tool.

    Now that you’ve verified the architecture of the office suite, move on to downloading the qualified Access Engine database.

    Note. If your system is 32-bit (x86), installing the 64-bit version of the Microsoft Office Database Engine and Access will create requirements similar to those described above.

    How to upload a scheduleMicrosoft Access Engine Database 2016 Removable

    How do I fix my Outlook database?

    On the Outlook menu type, click Turn Off Office Reminders.Close Messenger for Mac and almost all Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook.Open our own Microsoft database utility.Click the ID of the database you want to check in for rebuild, then click Rebuild.

    To download a specific version of the Access Engine database, follow the links below:

  • For Access Engine Database 2016 Redistributable
  • For the Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable
    1. Open one web browser application.
    2. Copy and paste the specific link according to the architecture of your Office programs above and press Enter,
    3. The web page will then load as follows. Click the Download button.
    4. How do I repair an Access database?

      Select “Compress and Repair Database” in the “Access” tool. Open the Access app. Select the Database Tools tab. Then take a look at the “Compress and Repair Database” alternative tab. This will open the database if you need to shrink a window from which you can select the database file to restore.

    5. Be sure to select the executable by clicking and checking the “Next” box.

    6. Notes . To download Access Database Engine Build 2010 now, copy the link from here. You can find older versions of Microsoft Office applications on the corresponding website.

    7. Download will start if you then safely click a link on a web page.

      Why is my Access database not working?

      This is usually another case that can result in an Access database not opening. Breaking connection between Access collection files and SQL Serverwriting new data to .accdb files can lead to manual corruption of database records. Sudden or inappropriate termination of collection. Electrical failure.

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