November 30, 2022

Best Way To Fix Virus Removal From USB Drive Shortcut Without Antivirus

In some cases, your computer may display a message on how to remove USB shortcut virus without antivirus. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.

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    Please note that we suggest that you stick to method 1 or method 2 to remove the virus shortcut first and view the missing files.Type cmd in the search box and right click command prompt, select “Run as administrator”.Type H and press Enter.Enter del (space).Enter the -s -r -r * attribute.

    This page contains complete solutions to remove virus label from USB, flash drive, hard drive and PC without data loss.

    What Is A Virus Label

    The label virus, also known as the 1K label virus, is a common Trojannom, which is distributed through any flash drive or memory card. The virus hides all these folders in the root directory of the USB drive and then creates each shortcut with the same name as the folder. Minify the last part of these files with .EXE, .VBS. LNK or .ini suffixes and cannot be cleaned up in place. As soon as the user clicks on a particular shortcut, it is launched and the virus adds it to run automatically.

    How Does The Shortcut Virus Spread?

    How can I remove shortcut virus from my pendrive?

    Go to start and search for cmd as it appears in the launch selector. Right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”.Access the flash drive by entering its letter.Enter “remove *”.Now type “attrib -s -l -h *”.

    Shortcut will be more like an anti-virus program that sleeps the autorun.inf worm on a person’s computer and usually starts it automatically. As a result, most infected files on devices are deleted, hidden, or encoded into shortcuts with the .lnk extension.

    Here is an example of an antivirus shortcut that we created based on the explanations of many bloggers and geeks:

    Applicable devices: PC, laptop, flash drive, memory card, SD card, external hard drive, camera, mobile phone, etc.

    Distribution direction: Shortcut worm infects personal computers > USB, infects USB drives, etc. ( External hard drive) > infects stored files and simple data (hidden or encrypted, file shortcut mode)

    So, how to remove USB bypass or Pen Run virus and recover all lost files? Read on, you will find five solutions and remove virus shortcut using cmd, .bat files, remove virus shortcut, remove antivirus shortcut on PC and remove suspicious keys and keys in registry editor.

    These USB virus removal guides are mostly provided by professional authors on computer science websites like the blog and tech forums like All tested solutions are acceptable. We hope the following tips are currently working for you.

    Method 1. CMD Shortcut To Remove Viruses

    One of the most recommended ways to remove viruses from Ink drives or USB drives is to use the attrib command.

    Step . Plug in your hard-to-use external PC and right-click Start, select Search.

    how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive without antivirus

    Step 2. Type “Command Prompt” in the search area and click “Command”th line” to allow it.

    How can I remove shortcut virus permanently from USB flash drive and window?

    Connect an external hard drive to your computer, right-click Start, and select Search.Type command prompt in the general search box and click Command Prompt to bring it up.Type E: but press Enter.Enter cases*.Attribute type -d -r -s /s /d E:*

    Log in to your owner account and the human body will ask you for a password.

    how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive without antivirus

    Step 3. Type: E: and press Enter. (Replace E: with a traditional flash drive, your flash drive.)

    Another stage. Type: attrib -h -r /d -s /s E:*.* and press Enter. (Replace E: with the drive letter of your infected device).

    Advice. If that doesn’t work, you might be infected with another virus. Replace the autorun.inf file with another virus clone such as *as.exe to remove these dubious viruses.

    Method 2: Create A BAT File To Remove The Virus Shortcut From A USB Drive

    Once you get the .bat file, you can actually run the .bat file and delete it to remove the existing virus shortcut by doing the following:

    Step 1: Connect a USB flash drive, pen, or SD card to your computer and create a new desktop on a small laptop.

    Step 2. Copy and save the following code in the resulting notepad, usually:

    @echo off
    attribute -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*
    attribute -h -s -a -w /s /d G:*.*
    attribute -h -s -an -r /s /d G:*.*
    @echo completed

    Note. Replace G: with the drive letter of someone’s infected storage devicei.

    Step 3. Frequently change the file extension of the sheet of paper to .bat and save it to your desktop.

    Step 4: Double-click each .bat file on your desktop and wait for the process to complete.

    You should now have successfully removed the Shortcut virus from your main USB drive, memory card, or SD card using cmd.

    Method 3: Use An Antivirus Tool To Remove Viruses From A USB Shortcut

    When you search for the Shortcut virus removal system or removal software on the Internet, your browser displays the best search result.

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  • Remove antivirus shortcuts
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  • Virus-free USBFix
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  • You can select and apply one of the displayed tools, and then remove the virus from your storage device.

    Method 4: Remove Virus Shortcut On Source PC

    After the previous part, you realized that most viruses are distributedfrom computers to storage devices. To completely remove Shortcut Virus, we highly recommend that you follow the instructions on this website to remove the associated Shortcut Virus from the source PC first.

  • 1. Stop using USB drives, memory cards, SD cards, memory cards, hard drives or disks on your PC.
  • The reason is that if the application is infected, continued use on all infected devices will only spread the virus to more devices, resulting in much more file loss.

    Therefore, you should stop using infected devices and remove all USB drives.

  • 2. Clean up existing secret formula virus or malware on your PC
  • As you know, viruses associated with your external storage devices can still be monitored from your PC. Therefore, removing the virus associated with the source is a fundamental point.

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