November 30, 2022

Easy Way To Fix Excel VBA 1004 Sort Range Errors

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    You may run into an error code that says Excel VBA sort range error is 1004. As it happens, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this issue, so we’ll get to that in a moment. VBA error 1004 is a real run-time error in VBA, also known as an application-defined error, and it can be an object-defined error. getting error 1004, there are other situations where we get this error when sending to

    excel vba sort range error 1004

     Worksheets("Sheet4(1)").ActivateKey ActiveSheet.Sort.SortFields.Add:=Range( _        "W2:W51"), SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlDescending, DataOption:= _        xlsortnormal

    I’m iterating over a sheet of many value types 70 times, sorting and exporting these animals to PDF.Everything works great, unfortunately I get error 1004 after about 30 times.If I start I would say the loop is running at this point 30, this task is running fine again.The problem doesn’t seem to be related to the values.Is there currently a buffer in Excel that I need to clear from time to time?

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    How do I fix error 1004 in VBA?

    Launch Microsoft Excel.From the menu bar, select File > Options [Excel] > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Options.At the top, select the “Disable all macros with notification” radio button.


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    How do I sort a range in Excel VBA?

    Use the entire range object to specify the set you want to sort.Enter one point and enter the diversity method.Specify the key you want to use to sort the market.Establish an organization order.Specify if you have a header, maybe not.

    You need to adjust the sort fields from time to time to make sure they actually fit in on time, because they just add up and make it hard to prioritize.

    And don’t use Activate or Select , which is also worse, so just use Sheets().Activate and ActiveSheet.Sort to Sheets().Sort , your main code will be much more efficient.

    excel vba sort range error 1004

    With Spreadsheets("Sheet4(1)")        .Sort.SortFields.Add_           Key:=Range("W2:W51"),_           SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, _           Order:=xlDescending, _           DataOption := xlSortNormal        .Sort.Orientation = xlTopToBottom       .Sort.Apply . . . . ! . . . .here is .your .export ! ! ! . . . **cr** **cr** . . ..Sort.SortControls.Deletefinish with

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