November 30, 2022

The Best Way To Fix Excel VBA Errors

If you have Excel VBA installed on your PC with an error code, then you should check out these troubleshooting tips.

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  • I’m iterating over a range of cells, and this also applies to numbers with two decimal places. I have to check if the actual cell contains “#N/A” and if the program does, I have to ignore it. The problem is that when a person has a valid number, the actual event is when the condition below causes a “Type Mismatch Error”. How can I?

    excel vba n a error

    If you stay away from (ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Publish").Range("G4").offset(offsetCount, 0).Value <> CVErr(xlErrNA)) then then'do somethingend if

    excel vba n a error

    Created on 28 Feb 11 at 2:43 pm


    How do you check if a cell has an error VBA?

    The VBA ISERROR function is listed under the VBA Function Information category. When you use it in VBA code, it evaluates the provided view and returns TRUE if it’s normally an error, FALSE otherwise. In other words, it can check if the new value entered is an error and return TRUE or FALSE depending on that.


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    First check for exclusive errors (N/A value) and then look at the comparison with cvErr(). You are probably comparing two things, a different meaning and an error. However, it can be said that this does not always work. Simply turning the main expression into an error can lead to similar problems, because this is of course not a real error, but an error that will depend on the expression.

    If IsError(ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Publish").Range("G4").offset(offsetCount, 0).Value) Then  If (ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Publish").Range("G4").offset(offsetCount, 0).Value <> CVErr(xlErrNA)) Then    'do something  end ifend if

    How do I fix NA error in Excel?

    First make sure that the area referenced by the array formula produces the same number of rows and columns as the cell table area where the array formula was entered, or enter the array procedure in fewer or more cells depending on the range. formula.

    replied Feb 28, 2011 with a visit at 2:52 pm.

    How do I fix a VBA error in Excel?

    Use “On Error Go [Label]” at the beginning of this special code.Use the Resume on Error command ONLY if you are sure that all errors can occur.When using error handlers, be sure to preempt the handlers with an Exit Sub.

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