October 1, 2022

How To Deal With Converting Varchar To Numeric Error?

This guide was created to help you when you get a “Convert varchar to numeric” SQL Server error.

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    How do I convert VARCHAR to int in SQL?

    data_type: A valid data type to which the function will convert the main expression.Expression: value to convert.style: is an integer indicating that the function translates the most into an expression.

    During the development of data processes for SQL Server, under certain circumstances, a person may receive the following message: Error Unable to convert varchar to numeric. This error is now similar to the conversion error your company might get when trying to convert a to varchar-glide etc.

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  • Read on to find out why you’re getting this error message and how to fix it in a minute.

    Numeric SQL Data Type On The Server

    Before we can successfully discuss how to reproduce the problem, let alone fix it, it’s extremely important that you first understand what the server’s SQL numeric data type is. As described in the related MS Docs article, the numeric data type actually has a fixed precision and scale, and all functions for that particular data type are similar to decimal.


    The numeric data type takes two arguments: precision and scale. The syntax is numeric (precision, scale).

    Precision determines the optimal number of decimal places (on all sides of the number), and the range of valuestruck body coverage ranges from 1 to 38.

    Scale, specifies the number of decimal places stored to the right of the decimal point. Its value can be between a single number and the value specified in the Precision section.

    Here is an example of a numeric value in SQL Server:

    DECLARE @numValue @numValue=123456 numeric(10,2);set.7890SELECT @numValue as NumValue;GO

    In the main example above, I specified a precision of 10 and a scale of 2.

    So maybe even though I specified 123456.7890 as a specific value, I made it a numeric value, it was indirectly adjusted to a numeric value (10.2), moreover, it returned the true value 123456.79

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    How do you change the datatype of a column in SQL?

    SQL Server/MS Access: table name ALTER TABLE. ALTER COLUMN data type column name;My SQL or Oracle (old version 10G): table name is ALTER TABLE. MODIFY COLUMN data type column-name;Oracle 10G and therefore later: ALTER TABLE table name.

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    Reproduce Conversion Errors

    convert varchar to numeric error sql server

    Great. Now let’s reproduce the conversion error when trying to convert the “problematic” varchar file to a number.

    convert varchar to numeric error sql server

    DECLARE @valueToConvert VARCHAR(50);SET @valueToConvert='1123,456.7890';SELECT CAST(@valueToConvert AS NUMERIC(10,2)) as ConvertedNumber;GO

    Can we convert VARCHAR to bigint in SQL?

    Consider the following example: The string value “xyz” has always been used in an expression for a SQL conversion function type. If you do this, you will see the error message “Error converting data path varchar to bigint”. So to deal with such a dilemma, you can use the try_cast SQL function.

    If you run the above T-SQL code, you will actually get the same error message as shown below:

    Msg 8114, 16, Status Level 3, Line 4
    Error converting varchar data parameter to numeric.

    How To Solve Someone’s Conversion Error

    How do I fix VARCHAR to numeric?

    To fix the edit error, all we need to do is remove our custom comma (,) from the call to the varchar you want to convert to be numeric. Note. At this point, someone also needs to make sure that the varchar being converted is the actual number you want to convert to a numeric tresource type.

    As you may have noticed in the above prFor example, the @valueToConvert variable also contains a dot (.) or even a comma (,).

    Therefore, during conversion to a numeric data type, the comma is considered an invalid character for the underlying data type (numeric), and therefore you receive an error.

    To fix a conversion error, your family should simply remove the comma (,) from the varchar value you often want to convert to be numeric.

    Note. At this point, you also need to make sure that each varchar value you convert is usually a real number that you want to convert to a numeric data type. You also need to make sure you only use the decimal point, in this case padding (.), and not numeric characters, collections, etc.

    So if we remove all the commas from the example above, we can see that the conversion can succeed.

    DECLARE @valueToConvert VARCHAR(50);SET @valueToConvert='1123456.7890';SELECT CAST(@valueToConvert AS NUMERIC(10,2)) as ConvertedNumber;WALK

    In general, when converting varchar to numeric values ​​(i.e. decimals, numbers etc.) care should be taken to ensure that the varchar sale price does not contain any digit grouping representations (such as a comma) or any other characters that do not have the special means of number.

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